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Ingredientes de Saciedade    

Falamos sobre ingredientes de saciedade, seguro e natural para auxiliá-los na dieta a se sentirem satisfeitos rapidamente e por um longo tempo, administrando sua fome, reduzindo a ingestão de calorias sem sentir fome ajuda as mulheres em dieta a atingirem seus objetivos para perder ou manter peso.

Existem fitoterápicos e agentes naturais que agem diferentemente para perda de peso.  Eles interagem naturalmente com seu organismo e envia sinais como: “eu estou satisfeito! Pare de comer!”, Para seu cérebro.

Sabemos que a proteína da batata ajuda a saciar nossa vontade de comer, assim, especialistas fitoterápicos no assunto desenvolveram uma pílula com esta proteína retirada diretamente da batata.

O interessante é que como a Slendesta é totalmente natural e acaba com a vontade de comer excessivamente. Isso acontece por que a produção de colecistoquinina é aumentada em 30 % desacelerando o processo de esvaziamento do estômago.

Sabemos que a proteína da batata ajuda a saciar nossa vontade de comer, e assim, especialistas fitoterápicos no assunto desenvolveram uma pílula com esta proteína retirada diretamente da batata.

We wish to inform you that there are natural products, herbs and neutraceuticos which help stave off hunger pangs. You will achieve your weight loss objectives with different especies of these ingredients, phytoterapicos. In the Brazilian market exists a product from a business SLENDESTA. We are evaluating this natural treatment where the production of Cholecystokinin -is increased by 30 % in your body.

Other Ways to Calm Hunger

There are number of ways to help make us feel more satisfied after meals. An easy alternative is to consume greens vegetables like spinach, celery, or broccoli. You can literally eat a huge amount for a paltry amount of calories (minus any toppings/dressings). These types of foods are great for controlling and suppressing your appetite because the volume of food you consume is large in comparison with the small amount of calories you get.

Another alternative is to drink more water. By drinking more water you feel more full leading to reduced hunger and appetite suppression. While these two might not be the tastiest options they are very effective ways to suppress your hunger without turning to snacks and junk food. Here are also a number of other alternatives methods to reduce hunger:

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Cholecystokinin (CCK or CCK-PZ; from Greek chole, “bile”; cysto, “sac”; kinin, “move”; hence, move the bile-sac (gallbladder)) is a peptide hormone of the gastrointestinal system responsible for stimulating the digestion of fat and protein. Cholecystokinin, previously called pancreozymin, is synthesized by I-cells in the mucosal epithelium of the small intestine and secreted in the duodenum, the first segment of the small intestine, and causes the release of digestive enzymes and bile from the pancreas and gallbladder, respectively. It also acts as a hunger suppressant.

Cholecystokinin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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