Matured hop extract reduces body fat in healthy overweight humans:

a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel group study

  • Yumie Morimoto-Kobayash, Kazuaki Ohara, Hiroshi Ashigai,Tomoka Kanaya,
  • Kumiko Koizumi,, Fumitoshi Manabe, Yuji Kaneko,Yoshimasa Taniguchi,
  • Mikio Katayama,, Yasuyuki Kowatari and Sumio Kondo
Nutrition Journal201615:25

DOI: 10.1186/s12937-016-0144-2

Received: 3 July 2015

Accepted: 2 March 2016

Published: 9 March 2016



Hops are the main components of beer that provide flavor and bitterness. Iso-α-acids, the bitter components of beer, have been reported to reduce body fat in humans, but the bitterness induced by effective doses of iso-α-acids precludes their acceptance as a nutrient. The matured hop bitter acids (MHBA) of oxidized hops appear to have a more pleasant bitterness compared to the sharper bitterness of iso-α-acids. While there has been little information concerning the identity of the MHBA compounds and their physiological effects, MHBA was recently found to be primarily composed of oxides derived from α-acids, and structurally similar to iso-α-acids. Here, we investigated the effects of matured hop extract (MHE) containing MHBA on reducing abdominal body fat in healthy subjects with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to below 30 kg/m2, classified as “obese level 1” in Japan or as “overweight” by the WHO.


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